Commercial Blender

An Intro to Greenis Commercial Blender FGR-8800

If you’re running a cafe or just want to enjoy a top excellent blender in your home, you may really like to try out Greenis commercial blender. The FGR-8800 power grinder presents revolutionary power with its brushless DC motor. This new motor technology provides heavy duty blending at 40% lower energy intake. It is 20 percent less noisy and lasts 10 times more compared to other motors in the market.

You’re able to conduct the Genesis commercial blender via Bluetooth connectivity utilizing a Smartphone program. This app can download recipes to a blender, where you can view them at your leisure and perhaps like one or two on the move.

Using its innovative microchip, the FGR-8800 becomes equivalent to a brain that keeps the blender in great control. It is hard to discover a blender with intuitive touch system that is waterproof, scratch resistant and may also prevent damage from damaging sun rays.

The blender is made from Tritan material which makes it exceptionally durable and impact resistant. At 4.5 mm it is thick enough to ensure its durability and security. With its exceptionally tough serrated steel blades, the blender provides maximum output for the ingredients.

All these blenders include the most comprehensive safety system. They supply kid lock to prevent unintended operation. The jar has sensors in the cup and the lid that prevents the blender from working unless they are in proper order. This also prevents spillage. The blender also offers overheating, overcurrent and blocking protection that ensures the security of both the user and the device,

If you are looking for a commercial blender that utilizes industry-leading technology, then you need to consider Greenis. It’s among the few producers who are famous for manufacturing Bluetooth sensitive blenders. It’s great they’re manufacturing these products under FDA and NSF approval. The very reason that makes you trusts the product quality and reliability. Next time you look for power blenders, remember to look out for FGR-8800. Details: