Best Maid Insurance

How To Find The Best Maid Insurance Available in Singapore?

If you are visiting the article to find out about the best maid insurance then you have come the right place as here we will tell you all about the maid insurance, and we will also discuss the different types of policies offered by various companies.

You might be thinking that when is the right time to take maid insurance or even appoint a maid to help in the household and your office work. Then you can appoint a maid anytime you want, but we recommend you appoint only when there is need of a helping hand.

If you are a busy person and you work either full time or even part-time but you do not get time in a day to come back from work and deal with household then you can appoint a maid to deal with all the household things like cleaning, washing dishes, and dusting.

You can also appoint a full-time maid that is willing to live in your house, and also they will help you with anything or any work that you want them to do, and the salary of this type of maid is usually higher than that of the part-time maids.

Maid insurance does not only help to save you from any unexpected expenses, but it also has various benefits that you can use so that you can also save some money from this policy and can use this money to invest somewhere else so this will act as saving for you.

As long as you are protected using the maid insurance then you do not have to worry about anything as your maid is in good hands and if anything happens to her, then the policy will take care for the payment of everything.

You should also check to see that which types of cover are being offered by the insurance company, and you have to make sure that all the required policy is taken for with maid insurance or else you cannot appoint the services of full-time maid according to the Singapore government orders.

You will have to check whether the policy taken by you has a plan for critical illness cover or not as these types of illness or diseases can come and affect any time of the day, and it does not give a heads up warning before doing so like in a regular disease like fever we will feel chills and laziness before the fever hits.

Also, to get yourself protected, you may consider buying critical illness insurance. You may start with a critical illness insurance comparison Singapore and in which you will get all the results about the different type of cover that is offered by the company, and also the term is also important as to recover from any critical illness it takes patient a time of 60 months minimum.

If you are ordering a maid service from another country, then it is important that you already take the maid insurance policy before your helper reaches Singapore and you will also have to get it approved and shown the only the maid will be told that she can work at your house or not according to the paperwork shown by you.

List of companies that offer the best maid insurance

Here is the list of all companies that provide the best insurance policy

  •  HLAS insurance

This company is one of the biggest company out there in Singapore, and this company give out different types of insurance policy to people like maid insurance, business insurance, critical illness insurance, hospitalization expenses and medical expenses.

HLAS is that company which was the first in Singapore to open up and tell the market about the availability of something called as maid insurance which is compulsory to have by every citizen of Singapore who has ordered for the service of either a full time or a part-time maid.

The policy of HLAS offers all the required type of coverage to have when appointing a maid and also they give a little amount above required in their basic insurance plan, and also they have put up four tiers on their sites called as basic, enhanced, premier and exclusive variety of maid assurance to pick from according to your budget.

  •  FWD maid insurance

If you are looking for a best and affordable insurance policy for your maid, then FWD has the right option for you where they provide a personal and accident coverage and also will supply you with the health coverage and medical benefits.

It also includes the thing called a security bond, which makes the government sure about the company’s presence, and they provide these bond up to $5000 in price.

  •  Etiqa maid insurance

Etiqa provides the best maid insurance cover which has all the type of policy which is necessary to take if you want to take the service from the maid and it includes things like health and medical coverage, and it also covers repatriation expenses.

If you are looking for an ideal maid insurance policy that will give all the benefits to your maid, and also you don’t have to put in much money, then this policy is best suitable for you.

  •  MSIG maid plus

MSIG is one of the leading insurance company in Singapore and is famous for things like life plans and also the travel policies which is worth to grab the attention of everyone.

The key things that are included inside the maid insurance policy are personal accident coverage, hospital coverage, and alternative domestic help benefits etc.

  •  AXA smart helper insurance

When taking dependable maid insurance in Singapore, then it is hard not to think about AXA’s smart helper insurance, and it is very easy to get and is also very affordable.

You can get coverage like hospital expenses, medical expenses, personal liability coverage, critical illness protection and also repatriation coverage.

I hope you get some valuable information from this article and help you get your desired loan.